Review No3 Dragons Den Social Lounge

There were no empty seats when we got to Dragons Den last night so we ended up sitting at the bar which turned out to be a great idea as the bartender was freakin’ awesome. No, I don’t fancy the guy. He was just everything you’d want to see in a bartender;  friendly, good chat, welcoming, attractive – ok now you’re totally thinking my review is going to be bias – it’s not! Maybe just a little – haha!

The décor was very Hongkongess (whatever that means – I made it up). What I mean is, the place is fitted with eye-catching artworks of dragons and what I presume are geishas. It’s also quite futuristic – the lights keep changing colour from green to red to blue and back which is pretty new/unique for Christchurch but it did frustrate me when I wanted to take a photo (go on, smirk).

popcorn: red miso butter
polenta fries: truffle salt, roast garlic aioli

We only ordered bar snacks but I was still SO impressed! The polenta fries were delicious much similar to the ones from the Monday Room but the red miso butter popcorn was entirely something else! Not only did we get way more popcorn than $5 would ever get you at Hoyts, the addictive wee things were so tasty! Almost like a spicy tomato/tabasco flavor – definitely unlike any popcorn I’ve had before. Our Dragons Den experience was further enhanced by the funky live music. Come to think of it, having way too much fun at one point, singing along to Dean Martin’s iconic “Sway”, I almost swaayyyed off my bar stool! However, that wasn’t the only accident of the night. My friend Andy unintentionally tipped over our half-full bowl of popcorn (in his defense, it was super light – does a bamboo bowl holding popcorn weigh anything at all?) which was immediately replaced by the bartender (See?! Immaculate service! It wasn’t even his fault!).

I definitely recommend you go! X

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