Review No5 Lower 9th Diner/Strange & Co

Picture this: it’s 2am, you’re starving and you’ve just gotten home from a dramatic night – be it from a late shift at work or a night out with friends, whatever. The point is, you’re extremely knackered and you can’t be bothered to cook. To your absolute delight, you find a cardboard box of half eaten Chinese takeaways tucked in the back of the fridge right behind your weight-watchers yoghurt – WIN! In the state of complete exhaustion, you place it in the microwave, push “reheat” and proceed to another room where you check your billions of whatsapp, viber and instagram notifications while waiting for it to heat up. Long story short, the box catches fire, you eventually realise, put it out and go to bed depressed, with an empty stomach. The next day, you do the unimaginable (I’m sorry – I now realise this scenario is extremely difficult to picture) and eat the burnt takeaways, COLD. That my dear reader, is exactly what Lower 9th Diner’s Burnt Broccoli Bruschetta tastes like: cold burnt Chinese stir-fry. In other words; disgusting.

This has been my first negative review and despite what you may think, I have not enjoyed bagging the place out.

Before you think I’m a complete B****; my virgin Mojito was delicious and the staff were lovely. Unfortunately, the food was not.


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