Review No6 Brick Farm

Brick Farm transported me to another world. The story-book setting with its gorgeous old furniture, pot plants, wooden shelves and vintage coat hangers is nothing short of beautiful. In fact, I imagine the home of the three little bears in Golilocks’ story to be much the same. I could not help but to notice and appreciate the small yet significant details of the layout; my favourite being the cute miniature cactus plants sitting ever so peacefully on the windowsill.

chargrilled asparagus, goat’s puree, rocket
pumpkin, pecorino and sage pappardelle, toasted walnuts
lamb rump, pistachio and sultana cous cous, herb yoghurt
apple, pear and rosemary filo, Granny Smith apple sorbet
dark chocolate mousse, creme fraiche, chocolate crumbs

We had heard from a couple of friends that the food at Brick Farm was slightly over priced. However; after devouring our meals we could not disagree more. Our food was of the highest quality, extremely fresh and astonishingly delicious. In my opinion, what made Brick Farm’s cuisine so good was the combination of the few simple yet decadent ingredients. There’s nothing worse than an OTT dish. In addition, our meals were wholesome, healthy and nutritious! I.e for the first time in a long time I did not feel gross after gobbling up an entree, main and dessert.

Lastly, the wait-staff were so friendly and very hip adding to the relaxed ambience; our pretty foreign waitress rocked a pair of black high-waisted jeans and a fashionable cloth headband – everything adds to the experience!


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