Review No8 Mrs Hucks

Thank heavens there’s finally another restaurant in Christchurch where one can order a genuine freshly squeezed juice other than The Lotus Heart (something about that place gives me the creeps!). Anyways, this review is not about vegans in saris, it’s about Mrs Hucks and Mrs Hucks is AMAZING.

Granny Smith, celery, pea, fennel and spinach juice 
tomato mozzarella & avocado pizette
hand cut chips

For lunch I had the tomato, mozzarella and avocado pizette. It was so incredibly light, fresh and tasty – similar to a margarita pizza minus the unwanted grease!  (I also had fries LOL which most likely overruled the nutrition in everything else but let’s just pretend it was cheat-day or something). In fact, every item on Mrs Hucks’ menu highly impressed me. For instance, the thought of trying “The King – french toast, bacon, peanut butter, banana and maple syrup” is currently driving me crazy!

I think the best words to describe Mrs Hucks are contemporary, sophisticated and stylish as left, right and centre, everything oozes class. For example, the staff sport very trendy uniforms: utilitarian aprons, designer (or designer-looking) shirts and I even spotted one waitress with a gorgeous fabric necktie. What’s a necktie have to do with food you say? Well, as I’ve mentioned in my previous reviews, I believe every small detail adds to the overall ambience/experience!

So go on, treat yourself; order “The King” and when you start feeling guilty, grab a clean detoxifying juice to go!

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