Review No12 Hello Sunday Cafe

I’m pretty sure my mum is a regular at Hello Sunday. She claims it’s her favourite café. When I asked her why of all places in Christchurch, she liked Hello Sunday the best, in her broken English she replied: “I don’t know why I’m very happy there”. She then went on to further explain in Persian, that she feels Hello Sunday has the most warm and welcoming atmosphere she has ever experienced.

Hello Sunday is nothing less than adorable. The fresh flowers, the loveable pot plants, the colourful tiles – every detail is very delicate and pretty – no wonder my mama is obsessed. In saying that, Hello Sunday is not exclusive to old women (sorry mum!). In fact, it’s actually rather hip! I mean, their cabinet is filled with paleo cakes and slices, if that’s not trendy, then I don’t know what is! In addition, their staff are super lovely and attentive.

So, if your life is in need of a little/lottle dollop of sunshine (whose Isn’t?!) then I definitely recommend you go today. Or even better, tomorrow (seeing as it’s Sunday – see what I did there?).

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