Review No13 The Shroom Room

Oh Shroom Room, you had me at falafel burger. Do you know how hard it is for a vegan to dine out in Christchurch? Of course you don’t. Don’t think I can’t see you! Yes you, munching on that pork rib!

For the past three months, 48 London street (Lyttelton) has been home to the very cosy and super adorable Shroom Room; a strictly vegetarian eatery (not to be confused with any other shroom “activities” – yes, you again; I know what you were thinking).

Put plainly, apart from the high quality food and service, there is nothing uniform about the Shroom Room. However, that is exactly what makes the place so damn exceptional. From the extensive food selection (green goddess slices to reeces pieces thick-shakes) to the nirvana table stands; undoubtedly, there is something for EVERYONE (they even have a quirky children’s corner with a toddler size oven – sah cute!). In fact, after a quick internet search, I understand that, that is owner’s Richard and Koryn’s main objective; to celebrate vegetarianism and at the same time, show Cantabrians that vegetarian/vegan food is not exclusive to a selective minority but that instead, it can be/ it is enjoyed by all people.

I totes recommend you go. Especially, on a Saturday so you can shoot two birds with one arrow (figuratively of course – we are talking about veganism here!) and also pay a visit to Lyttelton’s lively Farmer’s Market on Oxford Street where you can find even more fresh and organic produce!

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