Review No17 Green Stop

Superfood juice(juices?)/smoothies are so hot right now! However; many of us don’t have the equipment and/or the time (ain’t no body got time for that!) to produce one from the comfort of our homes. If you find yourself nodding Β in agreement, then Green Stop is the stop for you (see what I did there?). Situated in the South City mall food court (next to Yoghurt Story) is a superfood goldmine. Everything Green Stop serve is nourishing and delicious; ready to fuel/refuel you at any time of day – well, during their opening hours (9am-6pm). Their extensive colourful juice/smoothie combinations include kiwi/pineapple/pear, kale/spinach/mint/apple/avocado and beetroot/lemon/apple (my favourite). In saying that; visiting Green Stop is similar to having a shoulder angel/devil. Your shoulder angel (and jeans) scream: “green smoothie” whilst your shoulder devil (and heart/stomach/entire being) howl froyo with sprinkles!

The question is, which path will you choose?


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