Review no20 Shop Eight Food & Wine


Le Panier Bread w Karakaas butter
Poached courgettes w popcorn, sweet corn, paprika & coriander
Slow roasted carrots & honey w tomatillo, black walnuts, hazelnut & junket
Ellesmere wasabi turnips w peas & cherries
Brown butter potatoes w sauerkraut, hot chilli & parsley

What if I told you, you could wine and dine to your heart (and stomach’s) content and at the same time, do your bit for the environment too? Sounds too good to be true? Not at Shop Eight Food & Wine. Located on the oh-so-adorable New Regent Street, Shop Eight is an eatery/experience you wouldn’t want/can’t afford to miss. Several aspects make Shop Eight so special. The first being there is no set menu – instead, meals are decided and published online each morning. With a daily changing menu, it’s evident chef Alex Davies’ focus is on highly seasonal produce. However; upon arrival we were also told that almost all ingredients were locally sourced and organic too! Meaning, their beautiful produce-driven menus will always include fresh, delicious and creative flavour combinations – most of which diners may never normally select for themselves.

As if all this couldn’t get any better, for the entire month of February, Shop Eight has gone vegetarian in order to raise awareness of the immense damage the meat industry has on our environment. With their website clearly stating that “no animals or fish were killed in the making of this menu”. Last Saturday, for the price of $50pp, my mother and I embarked on a delectable journey (of 5 dishes) through the menu option “a taste of everything” (FYI: I haven’t included a photo of the final cheeseboard as I demolished it within seconds – oops) and were honestly impressed. The flavour combinations were unusual yet creative and minimalistic yet surprisingly flavoursome! A truly unique experience like no other, I wholeheartedly recommend you go.


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