review no23 hello vietnam

Hello Vietnam is a newly opened Vietnamese (well, duh) restaurant on 235 Riccarton Road with a spacious interior equipped with numerous large tables providing plenty of room for you and all of your friends (go on, take the compliment), fresh flavoursome food and top-notch service which is nothing short of hospitable. Tonight my friend and I arrived at Hello Vietnam with rumbling tummies and left a couple hours later, wishing we’d worn stretchier pants. Apart from the chefs who cooked our dinner, we have Mr. Bruce Tran (owner and also opportunely our waiter) who kindly guided us through the menu, helping my friend and I reach our decisions by recommending his own personal favourite dishes and the most traditionally vietnamese ones – promising we would undoubtedly LOVE his recommendations and if we didn’t, we would be exempt from paying (obviously not the go for everyone so don’t get any ideas!).

For the super cheap price of $12 I ordered the lemongrass and chilli tofu for my main which was seriously tasty but most impressively, MASSIVE. Of course, I still finished it. For dessert I had deep fried ice-cream drizzled in gooey chocolate (is your mouth watering yet?), all of which resulted in me leaving Hello Vietnam with a pregnant belly, of the food-kind. But, I don’t even care as it was hella worth it. Apart from receiving more than our money’s worth in delicious food, let me just reiterate just how awesome Bruce Tran really was. Seriously, this guy was the coolest waiter EVER. Period. When we asked about the menu, Bruce not only outlined each and every single ingredient per dish but also gave us a low down on the various cooking methods involved. Later, mid-meal, when I went to a picture of my friend and his funky dessert Bruce who was walking past at the time noticed and instructed my friend to hold his drink up in front of him for a better picture. As if Bruce couldn’t get any more amazing, he personally mixed our drinks, personally taking hold of the spoon and giving them a good stir when he noticed they weren’t quite combined (no slight on the construction of drink nay rather our own lame mixing abilities). I mean, come on, if that isn’t hospitality, I don’t know what is.

Lastly, unfortunately, for the first time ever, I forgot my camera (biggest no-no in the blogging world – I’m sorry) but just as I trusted Bruce tonight, you’ll simply have to take my word, too or even better, try them out for yourself. But for now, this image of the most adorable Vietnamese girl and her widdle chopstick holding hands shall suffice.

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