my rice paper roll fail

Just attempted to make rice paper rolls for the first time and failed miserably. The stupid packet said to soak the paper rolls in cold water in order to soften, which I did. Unfortunately, I may have soaked the entire stack of rice paper rolls…one on top of the other which resulted in one big sticky mess (oops). I now realise that that was stupid; If only the packet had stated to individually soak them.. but maybe that is plain common sense that I missed/don’t have? Ah well, rookie mistake. Nevertheless, managed to roll three seemingly OK rolls (that actually tasted great) and the others well, let’s no go there!

I dressed my cut veggies with a squeeze of lime and a dash of hot sweet chilli sauce mmmmm!


  1. I don’t soak them. I use a plate with a little water in it, sitting in the sink. Dip a sheet in the water for 1-2 seconds, shake gently and place on a clean plate or chopping board to assemble. It will feel like wet paper at this stage. The rice paper will continue to soften as you gather ingredients and by the time you are ready to roll it will be soft.

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